Precast elcon tech

The heart of any factory is the equipment that produces the core product of the business. For Elcon, it’s the battery casting moulds. They comprise a number of pairs of specialised vertical steel ‘L’ shaped moulds. Conventional flat panel production is normally carried out using horizontal trays or beds.

These take up considerable space and require to be weather protected in a permanently enclosed factory structure. Because the Elcon panels are cast vertically, a fraction of the space is required for production and an enclosed structure is only required in countries with a predominately cold climate. This means the production equipment is ‘semi – mobile’ and can even be set up on the project site.

All that is needed to get into production are the Elcon battery moulds, a gantry or similar crane mainly for the handling of the finished product, steel reinforcement and concrete. It is always preferable for a factory to have it’s own concrete making facility ( a batching plant ) but this does not always mean that an Elcon manufacturer has to own and operate one.

Concrete supply can be out – sourced and ready mix suppliers can establish and operate a concrete making facility within the Elcon factory. Once a concrete making facility is established, the basis of a precast factory is in place with opportunities to make other ancillary precast products such as floors, staircases and even paviors, kerbs and drainage goods.



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